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Confidence Through Planning for All of Life's Journey

Our team's efforts focus on serving individuals and businesses in all areas of financial management and wealth building. We offer services and products to strengthen your objectives and aims to guide to towards accomplishing your goals. Each service is specifically curated to relate to your unique financial situation and form the foundation of your strategy.


Wealth management and financial planning depend on creating diversified portfolios that offer returns to meet your goals. Our focus centers on an appropriate tailored strategy that lets you take advantage of traditional and alternative investment classes, with an eye toward risk mitigation. Our process also concentrates on asset allocation, information and education.


DFG's services help you approach and prepare you to transition into retirement seamlessly. We do this by helping you obtain the most out of your employer-sponsored retirement plans and IRAs. We also provide information on how to realistically determine what you'll need to obtain the lifestyle you want.

Estates and Trusts

DFG helps you preserve your estate for your intended heirs and beneficiaries. We coordinate with your tax and legal advisors to identify needed solutions that ensure your wealth is passed on with minimal exposure to taxes involved in estate, inheritance and probate aspects. Whether you need tax planning, estate settlement simplification, or providing guidance to loved ones, we help you with the appropriate strategies. 


Insurance is an important part of your financial strategy; it protects you and your family in the event of an illness, disability, or death. We can help by examining your existing insurance policies, and recommending changes and advice if needed. We can also direct you in finding the best policies and insurance products for your situation, including life, health and disability income insurance. 


Sending your children through college can be a monumental and expensive task. Fortunately, there are financial instruments and products that can aid you during this important stage. We'll work with you to build an educational portfolio consisting of mutual funds, custodial accounts, 529 plans and others to put the task in perspective and guide you throughout the process. 

Employees and Executives

If you own and operate a business, our knowledge and products can help you set up the idea benefit bundles to help you attract and retain qualified employees. We'll help you put together medical, dental, and eye insurance plans; in addition to, retirement and disability plans and executive compensation packages.

About Our Firm

As a family-owned wealth management firm, we work hard to identify your goals and work towards their completion with a personalized wealth strategy founded on trust.

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We work hard to maintain long-term relationships to truly develop and maintain a comprehensive financial plan to ensure your success now and in the future.

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We focus our efforts on serving our clients across a plethora of financial services, curated specifically to their unique financial situations in order to build and achieve objectives.

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